Tired Bullpen Needs Rest

As featured on Phillies Nation.

Despite Monday's off day, the bullpen is in desperate need of rest. In the last five games, the bullpen has pitched 27.1 innings, thanks to three extra inning games and a rain delay.

Todd Zolecki points out statistics from the weary bullpen:

  • The bullpen has not thrown fewer than 3.1 innings in a game since June 9 in New York when they threw 2.2 innings.
  • They have not thrown fewer than 2.2 innings since June 5 in San Diego.
  • That is 43.2 innings in the previous nine games, or nearly five innings per game.

The bullpen has thrown a total of 217 innings this season, sixth most in the major leagues and more than the National League average of 200 IP.

Even though the Phillies have blown nine saves (which is the National League average, and the same number of blown saves as the New York Mets), the 'pen has done a decent job. Their earned runs average is 3.73, sixth in the NL. They have allowed 1.40 walks and hits per innings pitched, but opponents have only batted .237 against them.

Sure, they have not been lights out like last year, but they've done well and need rest. Charlie Manuel says that the relievers need to play through it.
"You walk a lot of guys that is a sign they might be a little tired. But that's baseball. That's no excuse. If we're tried then we'll get rest and come back and get 'em. That's all."

Some say pitching through it will keep them loose avoiding a stiff arm. But the Phillies do not need any "dead" or "tired" arms during the dog days of summer or in the midst of a September pennant race or an October run. Rest will only benefit the team for the near future, so the starters really need to step up.


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Too bad we can't have that huge spring training pen as pictured...

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