Utley's Season Overshadowed After Surgery

As seen on Phillies Nation.

Raul Ibanez said it best; "Smartest player I ever played with. He's got superhero spider senses." He was referring to no one other than Chase Utley.

It's hard to believe that Utley could be returning from hip surgery this month. Instead, he was ready on Opening Day, and he hasn't disappointed.

The second baseman is batting .308 with 15 home runs and 44 runs batted in. His on-base percentage is .441 and he has a .567 slugging percentage. His on-base plus slugging percentage is 1.008 in addition to an OPS+ of 162. He has also stolen six bases and provides spectacular defense.

In April, how many fantasy baseball drafts skipped Utley in the first round? Everybody was concerned he might not return until June and many wondered if returning quickly would irritate his hip. But Utley worked hard during the off season and has put up unbelievable numbers. It is amazing how quickly his surgery has been forgotten.

This may sound odd especially since Utley leads all National League players in all star votes, but Utley's year has been somewhat overshadowed. Everybody knows the type of numbers Utley is capable of putting up. Everybody knows he is the best second baseman in baseball. However, not many people are talking about it especially with Raul Ibanez of to a torrid start.

Utley has done his job all season. With Ibanez injured and the team's recent struggles, this is the perfect time for him to shine.

Call of the Day: Michael Jack's wasn't the only 500th home run Harry Kalas called. He also called Eddie Mathews' in 1967.

"...Well hit ball into deep right field! Way back, Brown. Number 500 for
Eddie Mathews! Matthews has just hit the golden 500... This has got to be
a tremendous thrill. The entire Astros bench is up. Eddie Mathews
has just hit his 500th home run, and the entire Astros bench is coming out of
the dugout to swarm Ed Mathews. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy, and a
poetic justice that it happened against just one of the games greatest
pitchers if not the greatest.... Astros lead it 6-4."


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