Zambrano's Almost Done

On Friday night, Carlos Zambrano won his 100th career game. In the same night, he hit his 18th home run of his career.

"After this contract, I'm done. I'm serious. I don't want to play. I want to
help [the Chicago Cubs], I want to do everything possible to win with this team,
but after five years or four years, or whatever I have left on my contract, I
just don't want to play."

Despite his 100-63 record, 3.49 career ERA and .249 batting average, Zambrano doesn't think he'll play in the majors once his contract is done. Zambrano, 28, is in his second year of a five year, $91.5 million contract that ends in 2012 with an option for 2013.

"I want to stay home and see my daughters grow up and hang out with my family
more," he said. "Do you know how many Mother's Days I spend with my mother? Do
you know how many things I've lost in my life?"

"It's good to be here,
it's good to play baseball -- don't get me wrong," Zambrano said. "But five
years, four years, whatever I have left in my contract, I will retire. That's

Wanting to be with his family in understandable, but his emotions on the mound and his competitive nature do not indicate he is losing interest in the game. Perhaps he isn't satisfied with his contract, or the Cubs.


Call of the Day: It's rare Abraham Nunez and Sal Fasano hit a home run in a game. For both of them hitting a homer in the same game is rare. But hitting them back to back? Sounds impossible, right? Well, it believe it or not, it happened.

"Line drive to deep left! And this ball is outta here!"

"This one might
go back to back, its way outta here! Off the basing of the upper deck, Sal
Fasano. And the Phillies go back to back on young Scott Kazmir. It is now a tie
game at two."


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