2nd Chance for Blanton After Washout

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The Chicago Cubs (47-44) play the Philadelphia Phillies (52-38) tonight.

Rich Harden (6-6, 5.06 ERA) is the starter vs. Joe Blanton (6-4, 4.44 ERA).

The Phillies will attempt their tenth straight victory. They haven't won ten in a row since 1991 when they won 13 straight.

The rain wiped out Joe Blanton's last start after 1.1 innings. He gave up two runs on 24 pitches, but luckily for him, the game was postponed. The rescheduled game will not be until September, but Blanton will start today, three days after the washout. In his last nine starts, Blanton is 4-1 with a 2.44 earned run average.

After blowouts, the Phillies always seem to have trouble scoring in the following night. After a ten-run outburst, the Phillies need to keep up their offense against a struggling Rich Harden. Harden has a 5.06 ERA, but was better in his last start. Granted, he faced the Nationals, but on the road he is 5-1 with a 2.17 ERA.


philly_phanatic said...

Nice title, I saw the walkoff on ESPN and I went nuts, it was a crazy game. I was gonna post on it and the title was gonna be Werth the wait but nah. I will do one on Kennywood. Check out my latest post.

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