All Star Mascots

In honor of the All Star Game, here is the Mascot All Stars roster. This was a very tough decision, and many of the mascots are All Star worthy. However, we had to cut our list to nine. For the Minor League Mascot All Stars, visit IRONPIGPEN: The Pork Stops Here!

1B: Phillie Phanatic

The Phillie Phanatic is not only the best mascot on the Mascot All Star team, but the best mascot in all of sports. He bats cleanup and is a big target at first base. The Phanatic keeps the rest of his mascot buddies loose in the clubhouse, playing pranks on everybody. He'll distract the umpires, and put a hex on the opposing pitcher. He is a true team player, always rooting for his team. Everybody loves the Phanatic... except maybe Tommy Lasorda.

2B: The San Diego Chicken

Somehow, the Swinging Friar took the Chicken's spot. It doesn't matter, because The Famous Chicken will always be an All Star. He has quick speed and great defense. Like the Phanatic, the Chicken is known for his famous gestures.

SS: The Bird

The Bird has a lot of range at short. He's been seen at opposing team's ballpark and is friends with many other mascots. He isn't afraid to play a prank and he is also, a Hall of Fame candidate.

3B: Mariner Moose

Poor Mariner Moose has always been an All Star-caliber mascot, but has suffered so many injuries. He broke his ankle roller-blading and he crashed his ATV into Coco Crisp. The Moose was also a HOF candidate.

LF: Wally the Green Monster

He's a wall out there in left. He wasn't liked at first, but grew on everyone. He's always interacting with players and fans.

CF: Racing Sausages

These quick sausages can cover the entire outfield. The only one who disapproves of them is Randall Simon.

RF: Youppi

Although the Expos are no longer in existence, Youppi is a favorite of many. He is now the Montreal Canadiens mascot. Youppi has a fiery attitude; he was the first mascot ejected from a game. Like The San Diego Chicken and the Phanatic, he is a Hall of Famer.

C: Mr. Met

His big head is a perfect target for the pitchers.

SP: Billy the Marlin

The ace of the staff was nominated to the Hall of Fame last year. The Marlins signed him "not only for his skill, cunning and great competitive nature, but most of all for his outstanding sense of humor and great rapport with baseball fans of all ages."

IRONPIGPEN's Minor League roster (for more, visit his site).

P: Paws
C: Spikes
1B: Rowdie
2B: Rip Tide
3B: Buster
SS: Buddy Bat
LF: Wool E. Bull
CF: Ferrous
RF: Muddy

The MLB roster is much better than IRONPIGPEN's. Why? There is a reason they aren't Major League mascots.


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Our pitcher's name is PAWS (how can you go wrong a guy named that?)

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