The Curse of John Kruk

Every year, the Baseball Tonight boys predict who they think will win the Home Run Derby. Whoever John Kruk picks will lose.

In 2006, he picked a different person every round. Every player he picked lost in that round he picked them. He picked David Wright in the final round. Who won? Ryan Howard. The Krukker had a good spirit joking "Ryan Howard, the guy who I went with all along.."

In 2007, Krukky picked Howard. Who was knocked out of the first round? Howard.

I'm pretty sure Kruk picked Chase Utley last year. Who was knocked out of the first round? Utley. In the final round, I'm pretty sure he picked Josh Hamilton. Who won? Justin Morneau.

My "who will John Kruk pick this year prediction" is either Pujols or Howard. I'm leaning towards Pujols since the Derby is in St. Louis.

Tune in later for a non-Kruk related Home Run Derby Prediction post.


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