Did the Mets Turn Down Halladay Trade?

Earlier this evening, the Mets reportedly turned down a deal for Roy Halladay. In the deal, the Mets would send Fernando Martinez, Bobby Parnell, Jon Neise and Ruben Tejada to Toronto for Halladay.

It sounds like a robbery for the Mets, but hours later, Keith Law and other sources called the deal "bogus."

The teams that have been the most serious about Halladay are the Phillies, Dodgers, and Angels.

Some reports say the Phillies' interest in Halladay may diminish because of their marginal lead in the division. This does not makes sense because despite their big lead, it is still early. Remember when the Mets were up 7 games with 17 to go? I hate to say it, but it could happen to the Phillies like it's 1964 again.

Also, having Halladay for the postseason would give the Phillies a better chance at repeating. They may be able to get past the NL East, but they have to get through other teams in the postseason. Also, having Halladay for 2010 would instantly makes the Phillies favorites again.


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