Phillies a Favorite in Hallady Sweepstakes

Originally featured on Phillies Nation.

The Phillies have been looking for a pitching upgrade for quite some time, and now they could be an early favorite to land Roy Halladay. Halladay would be a perfect option for the Phillies; a ground ball pitcher in a hitter-friendly park. Toronto's general manager, J.P. Ricciardi, is in no rush to trade Halladay, but made it known that Halladay is on the market.

The Phillies' deep farm system makes them a popular favorite. They have a stronger farm system than in recent years, and the Phillies are not afraid to part with their prospects. The Blue Jays addressed they would like a shortstop. The Phillies could package Jason Donald in a deal. The Blue Jays had interest in Donald last year.

Also, the Blue Jays are unlikely to trade Halladay to a team within their division. That eliminates the Red Sox and Yankees, opening a door for the Phillies. The Blue Jays would be happy if he was out of the American League all together.

The only problem is that Halladay has a long list of teams he does not want to not play for. Ricciardi did not mention the teams, but there is always a possibility the Phillies are on that list.


Jay Ballz said...

The Phillies can make this happen. They better not low ball the phans this year with another Lohse or Lidle type acquisition.

Get Halladay!

Anonymous said...

Lohse would have worked well the last couple years and did okay when he pitched. Maybe not so desperate with Lohse instead of say myers! And I love our 46 year old stalwart but I would take a Lidle right now in his prime.

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