Black Eye Pushes Back Myers' Rehab

Brett Myers missed a rehab appearance due to a swollen eye. At first, he claimed that his 4 year old son hit him in the eye while playing catch. Then, the story changed.

A day later, Myers changed the story because he was "embarrassed" about what really happened. He felt bad about lying, so he admitted that he hurt his eye while falling out of his truck.

The night the injury occurred, Myers was at a bar with his friends. An altercation broke out. The incident included one of Brett's friends, however, Myers was not involved. Witnesses agree to this report. The bartender said he served Myers three beers and his eye was fine at the time.

In 2006, Brett Myers spent the night in jail after allegedly beating his wife. Since, Myers received counseling. After the black eye report, Myers knew what people would think, but his wife said that she did not hit him over the head with a frying pan.

The Fightins has "actual footage" of the injury. Myers is scheduled to throw a rehab appearance in the middle of the week.


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