Drabek Shut Down

Also posted on Phillies Nation.

The Philadelphia Phillies shut down Kyle Drabek for the remainder of the season. Drabek, the Phillies top prospect, has been placed on the inactive list.

Drabek is not injured, but the Phillies decided to shut him down since he pitched 158 innings this season, the most in his professional career. In both Clearwater and Reading, he was 12-3 with a 3.19 ERA. Drabek will not pitch in the Arizona Fall League or Florida Industrial League.

The Phillies made a great decision. Drabek, who recovered from 2007 Tommy John Surgery, had himself a terrific year, but he was starting to tire out. He had a 5.05 ERA in five August starts. This will benefit Drabek’s future, and protect him from injury risk.


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