Strasburg, Draft Picks Signed Before Deadline

At 12:00 midnight, the deadline ended to sign 2009 draft picks. Although his agent is Scott Boras, many believed it would not happen. However, the Washington Nationals signed first overall pick, Stephen Strasburg.

Strasburg and the Nationals agreed to a four year, $15.67 million contract. Strasburg hasn't thrown a pitch in the majors, and he is already making big bucks. Strasburg went 13-1 with a 1.32 ERA at San Diego State this year.

Many believed he would make an impact on the Nationals this year, but Boras said he wants the Nationals to take their time and develop him. 2011 may be a reasonable target.

Among others signed, Dustin Ackley signed a $9.5, five year contract. The second overall pick by the Mariners batted .417 with 22 homers with the University of North Carolina. His teammate, Alex White, signed a $2.25 million contract with the Cleveland Indians. White was drafted 15th overall and had a 8-4 with a 3.87 ERA this season.

The Phillies signed all of their first 10 draft picks. They signed Brody Colvin, their 7th round draft pick.

In other MLB News, Ivan Rodriguez was traded to the Texas Rangers. The Astros acquire Jose Vallejo and Matt Nevarez. Also, the Dodgers may be interested in Vicente Padilla. The Cardinals may be interested in John Smoltz.


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