Interview with Upton

Kirk Reynolds of PlayMaker Mobile was kind enough to send over a couple interviews regarding the World Series. In yesterday's addition, Darren Daulton was interviewed. B.J Upton provided his commentary about the World Series.

What is your advice to first timers?

Don't change a thing. Don't put any extra pressure on yourself. It may be a bigger stage, but it's still about going out there and having fun playing the same game you've been playing since you were a kid. We all dream about playing in the World Series so just go out there and play. Once you get through that first inning it's really just like any other playoff game. It's the World Series, it's big, but you just have to settle down and get back to playing normal baseball."

Does Philly have an edge due to experience last year?

Maybe a little. A-Rod, Texeira, some of those guys have never done it so you don't know how they're going to respond. The Phillies know what to expect and that can play a little role in it, but it won't be the deciding factor. Whoever plays the most fundamental baseball and doesn't make mistakes will win it. Mistakes are magnified at this level so you have to limit your mistakes.

How do you prepare to face a pitcher?

Watching tape helps a little, but it doesn't really show what a pitcher is going to do to you in the World Series. The game changes. Pitchers don't want to put anybody on in the playoffs because those walks and errors always seem to come back to bite you. So the pitching philosophy can be a little different in the World Series.

*Another big thank you to Kirk Reynolds for sending this over.

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