Interview with "Dutch"

Kirk Reynolds of PlayMaker Mobile was kind enough to send over a couple interviews regarding the World Series. Check back tomorrow for B.J Upton's thoughts, but former Phillie Darren Daulton joins Reynolds in this interview.

Who has the advantage between Philadelphia's pitchers and the Yankee bats?

These teams are pretty equally matched, so the team with the least amount of walks and the least amount of errors and mistakes is going to win.

What about between New York's arms and Philly's bats?

I have said throughout the post season that Chase Utley is the key to the Phils winning the World Series. As evidence, you can see what an impact he made on game one with two home runs. The team seems to feed off of Chase so my answer is the Phils, based on the success of Chase. Also, the short porch at Yankee stadium will benefit the Phils left handed hitters; again Chase is the lead but Howard and Ibanez both are going to have big series in my opinion, again advantage Phils.

Who are the unsung heroes (i.e. underrated players to watch) on each team?

Ibanez has had a terrific year so I can’t say he’s underrated but is a candidate for unsung hero. Also J. A. Happ may play a significant role if the series goes six or seven games. The Yanks unsung hero needs to come from the bullpen. Their starters are not going to sneak up on you--each of them are stars and are the best starting line up in the American League.

What do the Yankees have to do to win?

Play their game--they were dominant and have the best hitting line up in the American League. The starting pitchers have to throw strikes. The Phils are not going to help them by swinging at bad pitches. Evidence of this was the other night against CC--I think he threw over 100 pitches by the 6th inning. So, the starting pitchers need to get ahead in the count and throw strikes. Again the bullpen is where the question mark gets an exclamation point. We all know what Mariano can do. It will be interesting to see who, if anyone else, picks up the pill in middle relief.

What does Philly have to do to win?

Continue to take pitches, get runners on base, and I think they can steal more bases. I think Charlie is the best manager in baseball and has made all the right calls up to this point. Remember Charlie's forte is his ability to make hitters better so don’t expect for Charlie to have them start bunting now. Again getting 100 plus pitches in the 6th inning shows the great discipline of the entire line up. This was the key to the '93 ball club when we won the NLCS. Dude was the best leadoff hitter that year and each teammate sacrificed to get the starters in to high pitch count situations in the middle innings.

Which team do you think will win?

Come on are you serious?… Phils in 5, maybe 6.

Once again, a big thanks to Kirk Reynolds for sending this over.


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