Orioles Sign Eaton

The Baltimore Orioles signed Adam Eaton to a minor league contract. He was also invited to spring training.

If Eaton makes the team, it will only cost the Orioles $400,000 since he cleared waivers. The Phillies will pay the remaining $8.5 million on his contract, plus his $500,000 buyout for next season.

Eaton has a chance at making the team because the Orioles do not have much depth in their starting rotation.

Poor Orioles. My condolences.


Jay Ballz said...

Haha...I love the commentary at the end.

Mike said...

I hope the Orioles let Eaton attend the Phillies' WFC ring ceremony.

Shay Roddy said...

I don't care what their murder rates are. They don't deserve this guy.

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