Some Locks for the ASG

Raul Ibanez will most likely be headed to his first All Star Game and Chase Utley will likely be headed to his fourth. With the All Star voting ending on Thursday, it appears that Ibanez and Utley will be playing in the mid-summer classic.

Ibanez leads all outfielders with 2,970,139 votes. Utley leads all second baseman and is second among all National League players in total votes with 3,510,082.

Ryan Howard remains second behind Albert Pujols. Howard trails by about 2 million votes. In the American League, Mark Teixeira and Kevin Youkilis have been back and fourth battling for a starting position. Teixeira currently leads, but only by around 40,000 votes.

Pedro Feliz remains fourth, almost a million votes behind leader David Wright. Evan Longroia has a demanding league in the AL.

Last week, Jimmy Rollins fell to second, but it was still a close race. Hanley Ramirez extended his lead to 254,000 votes. Derek Jeter has a big lead in the AL.

Joe Mauer leads all American League catchers. Carlos Ruiz fell out of the top five in the NL. Yadier Molina lead Brian McCann by about 400,000 votes.

Ryan Braun and Carlos Beltran will start in the outfield with Ibanez. Shane Victorino remains in fifth place and Jayson Werth remains in ninth place. Jason Bay, Ichiro and Josh Hamilton are the AL leaders, however Hamilton may not be able to play the All Star game so fourth place Torii Hunter could get the start.

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Anonymous said...

Ibanez deserves the vote. Utley does as well. Where is the national love for Howard?

J.A. Happ for NL Starting Pitcher.

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